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SureStep Equine & Livestock Flooring

"Comfort and Safety Done Right"


Whether your horses are a significant investment or are one of your life joys, SureStep Bonded Rubber Flooring can help make your horses safer, more comfortable, and better performing, all while enhancing the appearance and functionality of your facility while saving you time and money!

Wash Bay and Cross Tie

Eqestrian Barn

Cave Creek, Az.

Wash Bay with 2 Cross Ties


Comfort & Safety Flooring:


One of the most popular variations of SureStep ELS is a completely porous surface, that allows fluids to flow through and follows the contour of the sub surface. SureStep ELS Flooring is a perfect solution for wash racks, aisle ways, trailer flooring, stocks, and so much more.

In a horse trailer or stock cattle trailers, SusreStep ELS Flooring completely eliminates the need for any bedding or shavings, saving you time and money on the purchasing of bedding, labor of install and the removal or cleanup. Also it means your horses and livestock will be more comfortable and breathe cleaner air.




SureStep MSR:


SureStep MSR Sealed Super Rubber saturates the crumb rubber offering the ONLY non-porous product available on the market. It is perfect for veterinary clinics, stalls, bull trailers and more. The base is exactly the same as the porous variation with a proprietary top coat that seals the spaces between the crumb of the porous product, making it completely liquid proof. The top coat is actually pressed into the upper layer of the porous surface so that the liquid proofing does not erode or wear away.







SureStep MSR Stall Liner: 


Stall Lining offers the ultimate in comfort and safety while greatly reducing odor, bedding costs and labor… and at lower cost than other stall liner systems!

SureStep provides a poured in place, multi-layer stall lining system that eliminates many of the challenges associated with keeping horses in a confined area. The SureStep stall lining system conforms to the existing subsurface and adheres to the perimeter of the stall, creating a permanent, durable and impenetrable, liquid-proof surface. SureStep MSR stall flooring provides the ultimate strength and durability and produce a non abrasive, cushioning surface.

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