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Jason Warner, JW Surfacing #1 Polylast Dealer
JW Surfacing, equine rubber flooring
Polylast Flooring
JW Surfacing, Polylast Flooring Dealer

Jason & Shawna Warner


of JW Surfacing, LLC


Jason and Shawna Warner ran across this "Polylast" a few times prior to 2015 when they became Polylast dealers. When they learned about the benefits and the potential that this flooring product could provide to the community, they quickly made the commitment to be dealers. 

With Jason's General Contractor experience  and building background along with Shawna's business managment and history with Assisted Living homes, it wasn't hard for them to build the #1 Polylast Flooring Dealership in their first year as Dealers.  


               "Polylast sales itself, we are just the tools to get

               the word out to those that appriciate the benefits

               and safety Polylast offers."    - Jason Warner


Together along with their 3 children, Jason & Shawna offer a professional business to the those in need of equine, industrial, medical and veterinary surfacing options. They offer honest relationships, quality & accurate installations, respect and integrity that will last for years and years to come. JW Surfacing stands behind their work and their "name" which means something to them and their family! 


JW Surfacing, LLC is a Polylast Flooring Dealer! Providing the best Antimicrobial Recycled Rubberized floors for all your ergonomic non-slip flooring needs.

"Comfort and Safety Done Right!"

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