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SureStep Livestock Surfaces

"Comfort and Safety Done Right"


Keeping your livestock comfortable, safe and healthy is critical to your overall production and livelihood.

Modern livestock facilities are housing cattle and other livestock for much if not all of their lives. Concrete is the prevalent flooring surface in dairy barns and shelters at this time. 

SureStep Surfacing is the solution for all of your cattle, dairy and other livestock flooring needs! Adding an exceptionally strong and durable surface over the concrete that is extremely soft and non-slip.

JW Surfacing has demonstrated in a multitude of independent tests, that SureStep Flooring is exceptionally strong and durable, as well as environmentally friendly.

The outstanding strength of SureStep is remarkably high, making it suitable for high stress and high impact areas.

Water & Feeder Pads

Feed Lots

Holding Pens

Dairy Barn Surfaces 

Polylast’s permanent installation means easier cleaning, less odor and less worry about contaminants.

Bull Hauler & Trucking Trailers

Fall Prevention is critical & starts with proper footing:

  1. SureStep Cushion Means Less Muscular – Skeletal Pressure and Trauma

  2. SureStep Offers the Best Slip Resistance Available

  3. Safer Cows Cost Less Money (lower vet bills, down time, etc.)

Hoof Lesions Are a Main Cause of Lameness and Have Been Associated with Concrete Flooring

(The Veterinary Journal 162(1):56-65.)

  1. Cushioned floors cause less abrasion to hoof walls and coronet band which result in reduced lameness and greater milk production

  2. Fewer scrapes and bruises mean Less foot infections and trauma which result in reduced medication costs and greater milk production

  3. Increased ambulation and comfort result in fewer downers and lower vet bills

  • SureStep used in livestock areas are safer, quieter, dust free, and seamless compared to livestock areas that use mats and belting.


  • Because of natural cushioning, SureStep is easy on joints and ligaments.


  • Its slip resistant surface makes it the safest option for livestock use, as it reduces both lameness and falls significantly compared to traditional mats & belting, even when wet!


  • The lack of dust allows livestock to breathe cleaner air and stay cleaner, reducing respiratory problems.


  • The insulating factor of SureStep means that the floor & livestock stay cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter.


  • Installing SureStep eliminates the need for mats or belting, and reduces the need for straw and bedding, which reduces pathogens, sour smells, and cleaning time and effort.


  • SureStep will not freeze in the winter, so livestock will not slip on icy ground, once again reducing lameness & falls.


  • SureStep surfaces are extremely slip resistant, meaning that your livestock really are more comfortable since they do not have to constantly struggle and strain to maintain solid footing. This is especially true when SureStep is applied to ramps, chutes, and aisle ways.


  • SureStep maintains all of its positive attributes at temperatures from minus 40 degrees to over 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aisle Ways & Ramps 

Stocks and Chutes

Packing Plants

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