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SureStep ELS Flooring
"Equine and Livestock Surface"



SureStep ELS is the exclusive flooring solutions for horse trailers and livestock trailers. Whether your horses are a significant investment or are one of your life joys, or both, SureStep ELS can help you make your horses safer, more comfortable and perform better all while saving you time and money. SureStep ELS offers a cushioned surface with superior traction that is easy to clean. It eliminates the need for shavings and you will never have to pull out your mats to clean your trailer floor again. This flooring is not only permanent, but it comes in a variety of colors, so you can customize and personalize it.

SureStep ELS flooring is made with a proprietary process that encapsulates recycled rubber with a combination of binders. The resulting product is poured in place to produce flooring systems that have never before been available in horse and livestock trailers.


SureStep ELS can be applied over wood, metal or aluminum floors. If you own horses, cattle or any livestock, you and your animals will benefit from using SureStep!!


Here is your chance to get your Horses on the SOFTEST, SAFEST, DURABLE Flooring available in the Equine Industry!



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