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SureStep MSR Sealed Super Rubber 

"Comfort and Safety Done Right"


It's true – if you love animals, being a veterinarian is your passion and can be very rewarding. But that doesn't mean it's not without challenges that you don't need to worry about. SureStep MSR can help make your practice safer, more comfortable, cleaner, and a step ahead of your competition all while enhancing the appearance and functionality of your clinic while saving you time and money!

SureStep MSR offers two great flooring options that have been tested and tried for your veterinary clinic. Both the small and large animal veterinary practices benefit from our flooring.


SureStep MSR Flooring reduces business operation costs, improve's clinic sanitation, and improve's the comfort of animal patients,their owners all while offering a safe ergonomic floor for your clinics staff. 


SureStep MSR: 

SureStep MSR Flooring is a unique

system that is perfect for applications in

  • kennels

  • stall floors

  • veterinary surgical applications

  • exercise areas

  • collecting or palpation areas

  • examination rooms 

  • laboratories 


These surfaces require a more textured surface

which makes for a safer, slip resistant surface while

providing a comforting cushion area, and great

thermal and moisture barriers. Since they are non-

porous, they are easy to clean and sterilize. Again,

the inherent strength makes these surfaces extremely

durable and long lasting.

"Veterinary Recovery Stalls" 


  1. SureStep MSR Flooring provides greater comfort than metal examination tables because it has a cushioned, slip resistant surface that is gentle on paws, but prevents slippage of frightened or upset animals, even when wet.

  2. SureStep MSR is a slip resistant surface that is important for exam and operating room floors, as it ensures slip resistance and cushioned comfort for veterinarians, their animal patients and their technicians.

  3. SureStep MSR is a great thermal and moisture barrier. It is very easy to clean, eliminates the need for mats, and reduces the number of hours spent sanitizing and disinfecting, making it quicker and easier to attain and maintain sanitary compliance.

  4. SureStep MSR is environmentally friendly because it is made entirely from recycled rubber, ensuring that it is LEED complaint and non toxic, important features in today’s globalized world.​

"Veterinary Clinic & Kennel Flooring" 

The Benefits for having SureStep MSR Floor:

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