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SureStep Bonded Rubber Flooring 

SureStep Bonded Rubber Surfacing


SureStep Flooring is a non-slip surface made from 100% recycled rubber combined with U.S. primers, binders and finishes.

Recycled rubber undergoes a series of steps to create the desired size and shape needed for the application. The rubber is cleaned and colored to specifications; when combined with our patented primers and binders we are able to offer a wide variety of finished surfaces for various uses. All uses are exceptionally strong and durable, as well as environmentally friendly.


SureStep can be used from equestrian barns & trailers to roadway applications to swimming pool surrounds and everything in between! Along with its durability, one of the unique features of SureStep flooring is that we can customize, vary, and control every aspect of the application – guaranteeing you receive exactly the product you desire for your project.

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